Eagles/Cowboys: More than just a game

They first met the Cowboys in 1952. Back then they were the Dallas Texans.

Obviously, the Eagles/ Cowboys rivalry is rich in tradition, and yet the game long consider a measuring stick for playoff potential kicks off awfully early in the season this year.

"It's a good test of where we're at now. At the same time it doesn t necessarily mean that you re going to... if you win this game you'll go on to win the championship and if you lose you're not going to make the play-offs," said running back Brian Westbrook. "That's not what the game is about."

"Business as usual. We understand the rivalry there and how long it's been around. The fans say, if you don't win any other games win these two. Apparently we want to win more," said offensive lineman Shawn Andrews.

The Eagles and Cowboys have played each other 97 times. One of the two teams are responsible for 62% of NFC East division titles. Week two or week 16, for some of the birds this is not just a game... it's THE game.

"For some reason when you hop on that field, it's just something... it's something extra there," said defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley.

A game that is always personal in a town where that star might as well be a bulls-eye. On Cowboys week, you learn to love hearing all that hate.

Perhaps safety Qunitin Mikell sums it up best:

"I think I have a hatred for all the teams in our division. But you know Dallas does have a special place in my heart."

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