Eye-catching deals from the Sunday circulars

Sept. 14, 2008

I'm not a very crafty person, but I still like to check out the ads from Michael's and A.C. Moore -- and this week, they didn't disappoint.

Michael's is offering 50% off all their floral merchandise and they have T-shirts on sale five for $10. A.C. Moore has the same deal on T-shirts. And though these are intended for artistic folks who'll put designs on them, there's nothing stopping the non-crafty among us from stocking up, especially if you have kids. And they have all different colors to choose from. The price is cheaper than what department stores often ask for undershirts!

A.C. Moore has a number of items on sale for $1, including kitchen towels and mitts, yarn, Krazy Glue, and pumpkin-scented candles. They are also offering poster boards five for $1 (you know those school projects are coming!)

Both craft stores also have scented candles in jars on sale. At Michael's, they're three for $10. At A.C. Moore, they're 2 for $6.

Both stores have websites, but there is a difference between them. On A.C. Moore's website, you can print out the coupon that was in the ad for 40% off a regularly priced item. Michael's website doesn't usually provide printable versions of the coupons that were in their ads. However, if you sign up for their email updates, they will send you coupons via email that you can use in their stores.

And I just found a link for a Michael's coupon that's good until Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008. Here it is: Michael's coupon, expires 9/20/08

You can check out other deals at these stores using these links: Michaels and A. C. Moore

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