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CENTER CITY - October 16, 2008 At a time when the city could very much use it, the greater Philadelphia area is expecting to cash in on a huge economic boost thanks to the Phillies making it to the World Series.

If you, like the rest of us, thought the Phils' win in Los Angeles Wednesday night was huge, wait until you hear how the folks in the Philadelphia tourism and marketing business describe it.

"To quote a very famous charge card, the effect on Philadelphia and the country side and fans all over the country? Priceless," Mary Levitz of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing said.

According to the city's Department of Commerce and the Philadelphia Sports Congress, a division of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Phils making it to the World Series could generate up to $20-million in incremental spending for the region's economy.

"And that really focuses more on the direct visitor spending and tax dollars that come into the city, that doesn't even touch all of the merchandise, sales, and food and beverage sales," Larry Needle of the Philadelphia Sports Congress said.

Officials say the extended postseason run, including the World Series, could generate more than 17-million in direct spending from visiting fans, media, sponsors and Major League Baseball sponsors. Further, the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association expects the World Series would bring an additional 7,000 visitors looking for hotel rooms and at a time, when hotels will be hosting another major event.

"Unfortunately, their arrival and departure time coincides with that of the American College of Chest Physicians, so a lot of the hotels in Center City are fairly filled up although there are rooms available," Ed Grose of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association said.

In addition, the city could reap 2 and half to 3-million in direct revenues via various taxes including amusement, sales, parking and hotel.

These estimates do not include what residents across the region will be spending on sports memorabilia, food and beverage sales while the Fightin' Phils plug away in the World Series.

The bottom line, the impact will likely be even greater than what they are projecting.

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