Kid Rock's apparel label to aid music scholarships

DETROIT (AP) - October 24,2008 The Detroit company will create 2,500 limited edition T-shirts bearing the school's name and the Made in Detroit logo, which features a factory worker, carrying a large wrench, in silhouette.

Wayne State hopes to initially raise $25,000 from the sale, said university spokeswoman Francine Wunder. The "Kid Rock Scholarship" will be available to students studying the business and performance sides of music.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, is from the Detroit area. The 37-year-old rock-rapper bought the clothing company about two years ago.

Helping Wayne State start the scholarship fund is a way for Kid Rock to give back to the community, said his brother, Billy Ritchie.

"Detroit has been very, very good to our family," Billy Ritchie said. "This is one way he thought he could actually do something for these kids.

"If we can empower one of these kids to go and get a degree, they are going to help 10 other kids. We owe it to them."

The T-shirt will be available at the school's campus bookstore

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