Naming babies after Phils

October 29, 2008 Well, you name your kids after its all-stars, of course.

Meet Chase Ryan Macauley, of Westmont, N.J., named after second baseman, Chase Utley and first baseman, Ryan Howard.

Dad, John, has been a big Philly fan since he was 9 and watched the team win the 1980 series.

Of course, 3-year-old Logan and 5-year-old Jack followed in his footsteps.

Mom, Robin, wasn't exactly excited about the name for her youngest child initially, but finally gave in to her husband.

Meet twins, Chase Utley and Cole Hamels Ryan, of Horsham, born just 2 days ago.

Their dad, Chris, wanted to go the Phillies' first home game of the World Series on Saturday but his wife, Renee, thought she might be in labor.

Honoring the team was only part of the reason, the Ryan's chose to name their twin boys after the Phillies' pitcher, Cole Hamel, and second baseman Chase Utley.

The other part was because their other children all have the initials CR, and all are ballplayers: 13-year-old Connor, 9-year-old Chandler and 7-year-old Camryn Ryan.

Connor plays first base at Keith Valley Middle School, Chandler plays second base, and daughter, Camryn hit a homerun in t-ball this year.

Dad says the twins are just the latest additions to his team.

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