Philly celebrates Obama's win

PHILADELPHIA - November 5, 2008 - Obama's youthful volunteers and veteran ward leaders partyed together into the wee hours of the morning, delighted and delirious with their efforts that delivered Obama an insurmountable lead in the battle to win Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, the volunteers were breaking down their Center City headquarters, and savoring their role in delivering Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes to Barack Obama.

"We got the job done for Barack Obama, and I think Obama is going to get the job done for us," said manager Amit Upahdya.

Mayor Michael Nutter says the nearly one-half million plurality Philadelphia delivered in this battleground state will be engraved in political history and equal rights legend.

"I think all Americans are pretty excited about this, not just a symbol of progress but an actual sign that people are voting their hopes, not their fears," Nutter said.

In some parts of Philadelphia, people poured into the streets to celebrate Obama's victory.

"I live in an apartment on the 22nd floor, so I can hear everything that happens in South Philadelphia," said Michael Moore of Washington Square. "When the World Series was won, I heard that same amount of noise coming from all over the city last night."

"When I watched the news, in South Philly people were hollering, but where I live there was none of that," said Stephanie Jackson of Northeast Philadelphia.

No doubt Barack Obama has forgotten all about the bumpy ride he got here in Pennsylvania during the bitter spring primary.

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