First lady truly a first

November 6, 2008 She will be a First Lady like none other and she will have a most difficult task to try to please everyone, but more importantly, to become the role model black women and young girls have never had.

According to Temple University Associate Professor of Journalism, Karen Turner, Michelle Obama will help all Americans recognize that there are many American black families like hers with hardworking, educated parents, who are dedicated to their children and each other.

"There are a lot of black families are like that, but they're not in the public eye," Professor Turner said.

Professor Turner says with Michelle in the White House, family unity and love are elements that more Americans will learn exist in families of color.

"I look at that family and I look at they way they both relate to their children. They are positive couple in terms of relationships," Professor Turner said.

Temple sophomore Kimberly Richards thinks Michelle will help change some white stereotypes of black women, as angry, welfare-seeking females, negatively portrayed in music videos.

"And also it helps black women as well, who may be in situations where they don't see a lot of black women succeeding," Richards said.

Professor Turner agrees it will be wondrous to watch Michelle and the nation's new first family, after seeing too many destructive black relationships.

"To see such a rich, such a wonderful, such a, I guess, Huxtable relationship, but that's real," Professor Turner said.

So while Michelle Obama, like first ladies before her, will no doubt become a trendsetter & fashionista, it is also expected and eagerly anticipated that her poise, confidence and intellect, will go a long way in changing an image of African American women, that's been misunderstood for too long.

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