A "green" gym; saving "spuds" nutrients

November 23, 2008

Keeping Those Nutrients

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

And potatoes will likely be on many menus.

But take care in preparing them!

Slicing or cubing cuts down the cooking time... but can also cut the mineral content ... Such as the level of potassium or magnesium.... by up to three-quarters.

Boiling or microwaving potatoes whole will preserve those minerals.


Fever Relief for Kids

Ibuprofen such as advil or motrin may be the best bet for a child's fever - if it's caught early.

British researchers found that in the first 4 hours, ibuprofen reduces a child's fever faster, and for longer than acetaminophen...such as tylenol more commonly known as Tylenol.

But, if the fever continues, the doctors at University of Bristol say parents can alternate between the two medications.

Remember to track the doses, so kids don't get too much.



A gym in Portland, Oregon, is teaching customers how to get fit - and green.

Gym owner Adam Boesel retrofitted some of the equipment with special motors that convert extra energy into electricity.

The electricity is then stored in special batteries, and used to power other machines.

Boesel says, "We're not going to power the community or solve the energy crisis, but there is energy there that you can get."

Boesel also purchased more energy-efficient treadmills, and installed ceiling fans and compact fluorescent lights.

He says if you are going to work up a sweat on an exercise bike, why not put that energy to good use?

"Getting a good workout is the first thing. Saving the earth or helping power the gym, that adds a little bit of motivation," he says.

The idea seems to be a popular one.

100 members have signed up for the gym just in the first three months it's been open.

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