Mrs. Fixit: Pressing Linens

November 22, 2008

Never try to iron dry linens, instead toss your tablecloth in the dryer with a couple of wet wash cloths the same color as your tablecloth for a few minutes and distribute the dampness throughout the cloth.

The reason you want damp linens is that the fabric is so heavy that it makes it hard for the heat and steam from the iron to penetrate the fibers. Starting from damp will produce steam within the fabric. You could also use a spray bottle of water for the same results.

Some fabrics become shiny when you iron them so its best to press them from the back side.

Set your ironing board up near a table or other flat surface like a bed so you have something to catch the cloth on as you iron, otherwise it will pool onto the floor and will just get wrinkled again.

Start with pooling the fabric near your feet and work in sections re-wetting the fabric with a spray bottle if needed.

If you like your linens crisp, use starch for natural fabrics or a fabric sizing spray for blended fabrics.

If you're not putting the tablecloth directly on the table, try to find a spot to lay or hang it flat like a guest bed or over a piece of pvc pipe suspended from the curtain rod.

Making quick work of ironing your linens, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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