What celebrities are thankful for this year

Here are just a few samples: ---

"I am grateful for so many things in 2008. I feel like there's a chance of real promise in this country." - singer Faith Hill. ---

"I think we want to be, most of all, thankful for the fans. This year, they've been always sticking around for us, always been there for us. The fans are the best. They've come to every concert. They've slept outside (of) venues. And we can't thank them enough." - Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. ---

"Health. It's all about health. My health. My loved ones' health. We're all here. We're all OK. As I get older (starts to chuckle) we're all hanging on! What's going to happen next year? So far, we made it through another one." - musician Barry Manilow. ---

"I'm thankful that America actually stood up and did something quite extraordinary (with the election). ... I've been over here for 12 years and I have a green card and I've been delaying becoming a citizen because I was really troubled by the politics in this country, and sort of befuddled by it." - Australian actor Simon Baker, "The Mentalist." ---

"Mostly it's my family. I think I've realized that mostly this year, because there's been so many crazy ups and downs, and so many different things, and I've always had the same family to come home to that will treat me like the same Miley as I was in Nashville. So, cool." - musician Miley Cyrus. ---

"On a personal level, my family's health. And on a global level, I guess everyone still has hope, and I like that." - actor John Travolta. ---

"In 2008 my son was born, Zuma Nesta Rock. So, that is clearly the most massive thing for me. ... I lucked out because my wife is really good with him. So, right now (wife Gwen Stefani is) doing most of it. So, my life hasn't changed that much, drastically. But it's incredible to have another little spirit right there." - musician Gavin Rossdale. ---

"I'm just blessed to have two very lovely children in my life, and health. It's something people don't think about a lot. I'm very lucky to be healthy and have healthy kids." - actress Reese Witherspoon. ---

"I'm most thankful that our country reminded everybody that we are a part of the world, and we're capable of incredible greatness in this country." - actress Mary Steenburgen. ---

"I'm grateful for all the times I laughed this year. That sounds crazy, but as you get older, you really take a moment and go, 'I laughed there, I had a sweet moment there. I took my kid to (hamburger restaurant) In-N-Out.' You know, I've to say, that's it for me pretty much at this point in my life: Just take those moments." - actress Rene Russo.

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