Holiday allergies; a chilly myth

December 7, 2008

Happy Ahhhh-chooo!

The holidays are here, so that means parties, and dinners with family and friends.

But what if you're a guest with allergies? Or your visitors ha

ve them?

Before planning your menu, ask if anyone has food allergies.

Experts also recommend keeping track of the ingredients you use, and wash all cookware to avoid cross-contamination.

To manage dust mites, and animal dander, clean regularly during the weeks leading up to the meal, but not that day!

That could stir up allergy triggers.


On the road to recovery... literally

Walter Reed Army Medical Center now has a state-of-the-art driving simulator. It'll help wounded vets get back behind the wheel.

The simulator puts those dealing with lost limbs, or new prosthetics through dozens of real-life situations.

Corporal Chris Levi, who lost a leg in battle, says, "It seems like an enjoyable way to practice without actually putting people at risk, 'cause I at least would have knocked down a couple of telephone poles already."

GM donated the vehicle.

Video game designers created the computer software.

And student mechanics installed it all.

A second simulator is heading to Bethesda Naval Hospital, and 6 more will be placed nationwide.


A chilly myth

And on this chilly weekend, some new advice about dealing with winter.

Contrary to what mom or grandmom said, just *being cold doesn't lead to getting a cold or the flu.

You can get sick even if you bundle up.

But the cold can stress your immune system....

And so can being dehydrated!

Purdue University researchers say a good way to ward off sickness is by drinking more water, washing your hands often... and using a humidifier.

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