Mega Millions Mania sweeps New Jersey

December 12, 2008 8:41:06 PM PST
Many were flocking to the Sunoco station on Route 38 in Merchantville from all over the tri-state area, not just because of the big jackpot, but because this place has a history of winning lottery tickets, with one as recently as two months ago.

The Mega Million lottery machines were spitting out tickets in a constant stream Friday night.

$207-million was the prize for Friday night's drawing and those waiting in line to purchase tickets were eager to express their dreams of what they would do with all that money.

"A beach home on the islands like on Cancun," Rosalind Harris of West Philadelphia said.

"I might get a yacht," Douglas Baker of North Philadelphia said.

"Maybe a new M3 BMW then go on vacation," Grant Nutter of Moorestown, New Jersey said.

Some dreams were not completely thought out yet, but people knew exactly where to purchase their tickets.

The Sunoco on Rt. 38 has spewed out winning numbers several times.

Three of four years ago, somebody won $12.9-million, but even more recent, there was another winner. On October 20, a Cash 5 winner won $381,642.

Hank Lett of North Philadelphia purchased $100 worth of tickets.

Somebody's life will be changed forever.

Who will it be?

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: 10 16 19 27 48 MB 25

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