US Airways plane makes emergency landing - Philadelphia News

PHILADELPHIA - December 14, 2008 The Philadelphia International Airport tells Action News that only one runway is closed.

US Airways says the plane was an US Airways plane operated by Air Wisconsin.

It was flight number 3819 from Norfolk to Philadelphia.

All three women were on plane, the pilot, co-pilot and a stewardess, were not harmed; there were no passengers onboard.

The landing was due to one part of the plane'slanding gear did not go down.

The plane circled the airport trying to get the gear down with no luck.

The plane landed on the runway and came to a complete stop after sliding down the runway.

Hazmat crews arrived to the scene and sprayed foam on the plane and then entered.

The Philadelphia Fire Department tells Action News that two planes immediately before this plane had the same problem, but were able to get their landing gear down.

The airport was closed for nearly two hours.

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