Brothers bowl perfect games together

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (AP) - December 17, 2008

Each rolled a 300 while bowling Monday night at Lakeshore Lanes for the same team and in the same game.

Ed, 57, said it's tough to guess the odds of that happening.

"Oh boy, to get two brothers on the same team, then do that? Maybe a one in a million thing, I'm sure," he said.

Tom, 52, finished first with his 300 and Ed quickly followed.

After the final pin fell over, Ed realized the rest of the Al & Al's Brotherhood League bowlers had been zeroed in on the action.

"I couldn't believe all the yelling," he said. "Everyone was paying attention."

Tom said the pair rarely gets big scores together.

"We always talked about hitting good on the same nights," Tom said. "We've had 700s together, but nothing like this."

On Monday night, Tom had a 752 series and Ed finished up at 777 after tacking on six more strikes to start the second game.

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