First ever frog recall?

HELENA, Mont. (AP) - December 22, 2008

The Montana wildlife agency has been asking that people with frogs acquired through kits called Grow-a-Frog give up those animals. The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks says tadpoles in the kits become African clawed frogs, a species prohibited in Montana. Officials say African clawed frogs are not native to the state, and if released, they could harm Montana's natural environment.

This fall the department sent a letter to 65 Grow-a-Frog customers, asking them to euthanize their frogs or send them back to the supplier. The department says cooperation has been good.

Grow-a-Frog is part of Florida-based Three Rivers Mail Order Corp. The company says it only recently learned of the ban and has stopped selling the kits to Montana customers.

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