Racial controversy at sanitation station

July 29, 2009 4:01:54 PM PDT
A Roxborough sanitation station is at the center of a racial controversy.Some of the sanitation workers and former workers at the Northwest Transfer Station allege the racism at the hands of supervisor John Gill was blatant.

"He has a watercooler in his office that he uses and the whites go in there anytime they want to, but we can't go into his office when we want to, "sanitation worker Gibson Trowery said.

They claim that he even had separate bathrooms for blacks and whites.

"It's the difference of going one flight of stairs to the bathroom where all the white employees go to go five flights down where all the black employees go; that was very degrading," former sanitation worker Leslie Young, Jr. said.

Their attorney who filed a lawsuit says there is evidence of a longtime problem at the Northwest Transfer Station.

"I would say that there's been decade's long racism at this facility which the city either ignored or condoned," attorney Howard Tubman said.

One of our producers tried to get Gill's side of the story. He told her, "I can't comment. I won't comment."

Late Wednesday afternoon, Action News received a comment from the Mayor's press office It reads, "We don't comment on active litigation. However, the allegations have no merit, and we're confident that the absence of merit will become clear as the litigation proceeds."

It seems both side are anxious to have their day in court.