Around the world at 80 years

DELRAN, N.J. - August 16, 2009 At 80-years-old he rode his bike cross country from Oregon to New Hampshire.

The bike tour was 3,685 miles, but it was a challenge he had to take.

"I wanted to see if I had the strength and stamina to do it," Damiano said.

John didn't start riding until he was 40-years-old. He had high blood pressure, problems with his gall bladder, when something his father said made him change his lifestyle.

"My father he said, 'my boy remember, you have to close the casket on me, not me on you,'" Damiano said.

So John picked up his bike, became a vegetarian and watched his health turn around. He credits his healthy diet for keeping him fit and looking way younger than his real age.

It took about six months of preparation for John to be ready for the cross country ride. He road around the streets of Delran and over in Bucks County so he could be ready for the grueling schedule.

"It was 50 days, some days we'd get up at 4:30, then get on the bike, go 120 miles, we did 100 miles five days in a row," Damiano said.

Whether his trip qualifies him for the Guinness Book of World Records, he's still waiting to hear. For now, John is already talking about his next adventure, which will be riding his bike from St. Petersburg, Russia to Istanbul, Turkey.

"I want to see all the developments. I want as many years as I can," Damiano said.

And he shows no sign of slowing down.

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