Goods for Guns saving lives

OLNEY - August 29, 2009 The crowd on Front Street Saturday was armed to the teeth. Every one of them had a gun, but they were to get the guns off the streets.

It's called Goods for Guns.

Anyone can bring in any gun, no questions asked.

The gun is out of circulation, and they get a $100 gift card to spend at any Shop Rite supermarket.

"We've been doing this since 2007 and today, we've collected 3,800 guns," Ray Jones of Philadelphia Safety Net said.

The line stretched down the block, two hours after they started collecting.

People from all walks of life were bringing in firearms of every description.

Doris Chalmers brought in a small handgun that belonged to her late husband.

She didn't even know he had it tucked away in a dresser drawer.

Others have had them for years, and just no longer have any use for them.

The police will first take the guns to the forensics lab to make sure they haven't been used in a crime.

Then, they'll be melted down to make sure they never have a chance to get in the wrong hands.

With today's haul this program will have collected more than 4,000 guns, and who knows how many lives will have been saved.

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