Schuylkill River dog has weeks of recovery

FAIRMOUNT PARK - August 31, 2009 The exclusive Action News video of this little dog struggling for her life in the Schuylkill River quickly became a hot topic of discussion across the Delaware Valley this weekend.

In fact, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham even brought it up during her news conference Monday morning.

"I wanted to thank the police department for responding at such a magnificent and heroic fashion, saving the dog while at the same time endangering the lives of officers or the marine officer."

Earlier Monday, we took a trip to the Pennsylvania SPCA to check up on the pit bull mix to see how she's doing.

Veterinarians say she still has some water in her lungs and her paws are really raw after her frantic attempts to claw back up the rocks of the Schuylkill River waterfall behind the Art Museum.

"All that trauma caused her feet to become swollen and now since the swelling is staying in her toes she's getting sores," said veterinary technician Jenn Frey.

Officials at the PSPCA say the dog is getting a lot of pampering as she recovers because of what was, in all likelihood, a difficult life that led up to her near drowning. The scars on her face are tell-tale signs that she was involved in a dog-fighting operation.

"She was some either a breeder dog or she could have been a bait dog."

Investigators say the dog is approximately 2 years old and they admit that they'll likely never know who her owner was or how she ended up in the river. Those now in charge of her well-being say the important thing is to make sure she spends the rest of her days in a loving and caring environment.

Now, since this story first aired on Action News the PSPCA has been getting dozens of calls of people wanting to adopt the dog. But because of her wounds she may not be ready for adoption for several weeks; they hope she will be ready for a loving home by the first week of October.

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