Historic La Ronda permit transfers today

BRYN MAWR, Pa. - September 1, 2009 There have been protests to save /*La Ronda*/. There was talk of even moving the entire mansion, but it appears the owner of La Ronda is still going ahead with plans demolish the historic mansion to make way for a contemporary home.

The new owner gets the permit today. Despite several last minute efforts, it seems today is the end of the road for this historic home.

La Ronda is the final work of architect /*Addison Mizner*/ and dates back to 1929.

Benjamin Wohl, a 41-year-old Florida developer offered the owner a 6 figure sum to buy the mansion and move it to another property so it can last much longer than 80 years. "In Judaism we say you should live to 120. In Palm Beach we say you should live to 120 and then renegotiate. This house should live 120 plus," Wohl said.

La Ronda's owner has refused to be identified, but sparked outrage last spring with the request to tear it down. Some worry how projects like this will change the character of the community.

Once the permit is handed over today, the demolition is set to begin in 30 days. People in the neighborhood are hoping for a last minute change of plans.

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