As cop investigates, theft suspect returns

REHOBOTH, Del. - September 1, 2009 It happened around 2:50 a.m. Tuesday in Rehoboth, Delaware.

Investigators say a trooper was called to Cascade Lane for a reported theft from a vehicle.

The victim told the trooper that he heard his car alarm and came out to see his truck door open and miscellaneous items on the ground. A neighbor also told the trooper that he saw a man rummaging through the truck.

As the trooper was investigating, the suspect, identified as John Wheway, 34, allegedly came back to the scene because he left his bag in the bed of the truck.

The trooper stopped Wheway, searched him, and found items belonging to the truck owner, including the victim's drivers license and work identification.

Wheway was arrested and charged with theft and criminal mischief.

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