Feds descend on Jersey Shore dealership

OCEAN CITY, N.J. - September 1, 2009 "Always seemed like a good business man to me, nice guy," said Bob Harbaugh of Ocean City.

Harry Klause and his family have been selling cars in Ocean City for decades, but the dozen FBI agents that descended on his lot on Asbury Avenue Tuesday weren't looking to buy.

All morning long, agents appeared to be checking identification numbers for the vehicles on his used car lot and they carted off box after box of dealership records. What's going on? The FBI wouldn't discuss the raid and Klause's lawyer wouldn't say much more.

"What we do know is there is an investigation. We are cooperating in the investigation and at this point (we) have to find out what information the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office want and we'll deal with it from there," explained William Hughes Jr.

Several customers watching this morning's raid call Harry Klause an upfront guy, but the presence of FBI agents raised concerns for at least one man who recently bought a car.

"That something might be strange with my deal and I'm just trying to make sure that hopefully it's all on the up and up," said Tom Jamison of Upper Township.

"I've known him my whole life, local guy, it's really a surprise. I can't imagine what they are gonna find," said Glen Darby of Ocean City.

Despite the FBI raid, Klause's car lot remains open for business as customers and the curious wait to learn exactly what's going on.

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