Mrs. Fixit: Plastic Zip Bags on the Go

September 6, 2009

Packing for a road trip? Separate your jewelry sets into plastic bags and slip them in the pocket of the outfit they go with. They won't get tangled; and they're right where you need them.

Fold a big bag into that same suit case to corral your dirty laundry.

It's nice to have extra jackets or a change of clothes for the little ones in the car, but they can get dirty and smelly in the trunk, zip them into a big plastic bag and they'll be clean when you need them.

Make your own portable wet wipes for the whole family. Unravel a roll of heavy duty paper towels and fold them accordian style. Then slip them into a gallon size zipper bag.

Mix three quarters of a cup of water and a half a tablespoon each of baby shampoo and baby oil. Pour it into the bag and seal it up. Let the towels soak up the liquid and then squeeze out any excess.

If you're going out on a boat, slip your keys, wallet, phone and camera into a plastic bag and blow it up. Seal it tight and if it falls into the lake, not only will it keep everything dry, but it will also float!

As with any plastic bag, make sure you keep plastic bags out of the reach of little ones! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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