Move in day at Penn

UNIVERSITY CITY - September 3, 2009 It was organized chaos on the campus of University of Pennsylvania as freshmen prepare to move into their new dorms.

About 2,400 freshmen traveled to University City from all over the world.

They said goodbye to loved ones and began a new journey as Penn students today.

But they won't be alone as plenty of upperclassmen and staff members were there to ease their transition.

"A lot of different student groups are on campus now helping to welcome the freshmen," junior Chris Wogan said.

"As big of a school it is, it's still a really good community and I've always felt that way since I moved in," sophomore Katie Woodall said.

Those are reassuring words for a new student in a big city like Philadelphia!

"It's a pretty big school, so I'm excited to meet new people; I went to a pretty small high school," freshman Eleni Pavlakis said.

"I'm really just looking forward to being in a city and of course the cheesesteaks, the food and stuff," freshman Jordan Lowe said.

The University's president, Amy Gutmann, was greeting freshmen in their dorms.

She does this every year, so the kids will feel like a part of the university and the city right from the start.

"The first thing they realize when they get to Penn is all the opportunities to interact with the West Philadelphia community and Philadelphia," Dr. Gutmann said.

The University of Pennsylvania has always been an important part of West Philadelphia's economy and vitality. The newest crop of students is excited to carry on that tradition.

"I guess it's just cosmopolitan as to compared to where I'm from. Being introduced to all these people from around the world," freshman Nabhan Chowdhery said.

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