School uniform outrage in Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - September 15, 2009 In fact hundreds of students have been in trouble, with as many as 150 students per day getting in-school-suspensions, for violating the rules.

"They said it's supposed to better our education, but really I've just missed my second day of school," said student Amada Reese.

The high school's new policy is tougher than ever before. Students can wear only white, black, or navy golf shirts with no more than three buttons and no logos are allowed at all.

No skirts or baggy pants are allowed. Only slacks, and they must be black or navy and have no more than five pockets.

The students are being checked every morning for compliance when they enter school and several times throughout the day.

School officials say uniforms help with discipline, but some parents say it's too much.

"I think if their belly was exposed or something like that, fine. There's right and wrong," said parent Donna Reese. "But, with something like four buttons versus three? You've seen these girls, they're buttoned up, they look nice and neat and clean. It's ridiculous."

Critics say, having hundreds of students serving in-school-suspensions is a waste of time.

School officials are hoping to send a message that the dress code will help everyone focus on a better education.

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