Duct taped cat finds a new home

PHILADELPHIA - September 30, 2009 RELATED SLIDESHOW: Pictures of "Sticky"

The SPCA isn't saying who adopted the feline, since the family wants to remain anonymous.

This comes just a few days after an arrest in the case was announced.

The Pennsylvania SPCA said it received a tip on Sept. 26th that a man named James Davis, 19, of the 2100 block of 22nd Street in Philadelphia had duct taped the cat.

Then, the PSPCA said it received a call a few hours later, from Davis, to admit to the crime.

Davis was arrested in Sunday. He faces up to two years in prison on an animal cruelty charge.

Action News learned that Davis lost his father and brother to murders in recent years. He is undergoing a mental evaluation.

Last week, the SPCA had offered a reward of $2,000 after the female cat was found wrapped in duct tape. If Davis is convicted, that anonymous tip caller would receive that reward.

James surrendered to Philadelphia Police, who said he gave a statement admitting he taped the cat on Sunday, Sept. 21 at about 5 p.m. at his home, leaving here there for hours. Then, police say, he put the cat in a shopping bag and left her in a neighbor's yard when she wouldn't stop wailing. The woman who lives there when she just happened to look out her window, saw the cat, and contacted authorities.

"Basically he saw the animal in his yard, didn't like the animal in the yard," said George Bengal of the PSPCA. "I think this young fellow has a lot of issues going on in his life. He was very remorseful for what he did. Hopefully he will get the help that he needs."

Officers from the Humane Society brought the cat to the PSPCA shelter. It took an hour to free her from the cruel prison.

"They had a team of nurses and doctors who sedated the animal and slowly, methodically had to cut this duct tape away," explains Bengal.

The SPCA said "Sticky" is recovering well.

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