Burnt kitten pelted with stones

CHESTER, Pa. - October 4, 2009 A 6-week-old kitten was found at around 5:30 p.m Saturday in Chester.

Officals say lighter fluid was poured on the kitten and then set on fire. It had burns over half its body.

They add the kitten was also pelted with rocks and stones before being set on fire.

Investigators tell Action News even the kitten's whiskers had been intentionally burned.

The kitten is not eating or drinking, but officials still think the kitten will survive. The kitten has been named Cuddles. Officials are working on leads.

There have been a series of attacks against animals in the last week and a half.

On Monday, a bus driver threw three kittens from the back of a school bus in Port Richmond.

A witness called police and the driver, Bill Mitchell, was issued three citations of $750 each. The kittens are recovering and will be put up for adoption.

Sticky the cat, meanwhile, is already settling into her new home after she was found wrapped head to paw in duct tape.

19-year-old James Davis is accused of the crime. Police found the cat in a North Philadelphia backyard at the end of last month. /*Sticky the cat*/ fully recovered at the SPCA in Hunting Park. Davis faces animal cruelty charges.

Anyone who sees an animal in trouble is asked to call the SPCA right away. Pennsylvania SPCA (215) 426-6300. New Jersey SPCA 800-582-5979 Delaware SPCA (302) 998-2281

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