Two teens charged in Craiglist robberies

PHILADELPHIA - October 5, 2009 The suspects, Theodore Graham, 16, and Anthony Owens, 16, will be charged as adults in the crimes.

The first incident happened on January 18th when a 45-year-old man responded to an ad for a computer for sale in the 3600 block of Stanton Street. When he arrived, he was robbed at gunpoint for the $700 he had on him to buy the computer. His iPhone was also stolen.

Then, on July 5th, a 49-year-old man responded to an ad for a plasma TV for sale in the 2600 bock of Roberts Avenue. He was invited inside, and soon realized the property was abandoned. When he tried to leave, the man pulled a gun on him and stole the $900 from him and his cell phone.

Finally, on September 29th, a 48-year-old man also went to the 2600 block of Roberts for a Macintosh computer for sale. He was also invited inside, and once there the suspect put a gun to his head, stealing $550.

There were no injuries in any of the cases.

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