Suspect in 'huffing' crash waives hearing

October 7, 2009 10:11:38 AM PDT
The woman accused of causing a deadly crash after driving while huffing and smoking marijuana waived her prelminary hearing.Rachel Jankins, 20, was in court Wednesday morning.

Police say Jankins was behind the wheel when her car crashed into two women outside Delaware County Memorial Hospital on August 12th.

19-year-old Nicole Gallo was killed instantly and 20-year-old Christine Bochanski was critically injured.

At the time of the crash, Jankins allegedly told police that she had dropped her iPod and was trying to retrieve it.

However, police say toxicology tests showed that Jankins was high on marijuana and had been huffing chemicals as well.

Gallo's family was at the hearing, wearing matchings shirts remembering the teen. Her mother said she was a 'ray of sunshine."

"She was always so joyful, she knew how to appreciate every moment," said Donna Marie Gallo. "She had so many people that she touched every day."

Gallo's father, Stephen, said they also feel for Jankins' family.

"We feel terrible for them, that they have to go through this, for what their daughter put them through."

Jankins is free on $250,000 bail.