Former Bachelor bikes for a cause

October 9, 2009 The navy doctor is biking from Pittsburg to Philadelphia stopping at schools to raise awareness about childhood obesity.

"The number of obese kids is three-times what is was three decades ago when I was growing up; it's unacceptable, we need to get back to educating kids about what foods their putting in their bodies," Dr. Baldwin said.

Students were treated to a rap and hip hop dance performance both promoting the benefits of healthy living.

The students also put on their own performance for the former Bachelor star.

They had their own version of the show as 6th grader Abou Hinson chose from 5 lovely contestants including French fries, candy, soda, and an orange. He made the healthy choice.

Dr. Baldwin will finish the bike tour Saturday going along the Valley Forge bike trail ending at the Art Museum steps. They welcome others to join them.


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