Dozens of dogs seized in Philly pet shop raid

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - October 22, 2009 It happened at Brickyard Pet Supply at 2208 Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

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More than two dozen dogs, mostly puppies, were recovered.

Authorities on the scene say some dogs were "in better shape than others." They say they found unsanitary condition and some dogs had their ears cropped.

They also say the shop was poorly maintained.

George Bengal, the Director of Law Enforcement for the SPCA, said they purchased a dog from that location earlier Thursday that was very sick.

That purchase lead to a search warrant and the evening raid.

Bengal said the store had been in operation for about six months. He added they were still working to determine who exactly owns the shop.

However, one person has been charged and more charges are expected.

The dogs will be held for evidence. Bengal said some of the animals were very sick, and did not know how many, if any, would be available for adoption.

Authorities are looking at the possibility that some of the dogs were bred for fighting.

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