Action News parents scare up Halloween stories

PHILADELPHIA - October 26, 2009 Amy Buckman's family practices several traditions for Halloween - one of them, of course, being that the adults dress up too.

In Amy's latest Parenting Perspective blog, she explains another tradition, that uses her husband's talents in pumpkin carving.

She also talks about how her children get involved in the designs.

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Monica Malpass talks about a Halloween three years ago, when she and her son Jake decided to carve their pumpkins - three weeks early.

Let's just say the gourds were not in the same state when the holiday arrived.

Also, Monica's blog shares how she and Jake like to decorate the house. (And why mom decided to stop picking out the costumes.)

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As you know, Cecily Tynan's expertise is in meteorology.

But in her Parenting Perspective, you could say she goes Saving With 6abc.

Cecily describes some of the money-saving ways she has come up with, to purchase Halloween costumes - to make them last - and, to prevent the children from changing their minds.

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Rick Williams suddenly came upon the realization that his son Nicholas has reached a milestone: no more super-heroes for Halloween.

Batman, Superman, Spiderman - been there, done that.

No, this year his seven year old wants to be creative.

Check Rick's Parenting blog to find out how dad nearly gets recruited in the costuming tradition of the holiday.

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David Murphy's job is to make sure you get the AccuWeather forecast every six minutes on Action News mornings.

But when it comes to planning for Halloween - David pleads guilty to full procrastination.

Find out how things come together in the Murphy household, in David's Parenting Blog.

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Karen Rogers gets nostalgic for any and all holidays - and Halloween is no exception.

She blogs about capturing a snapshot - literally - of what costumes her three children choose, and then making Halloween ornaments from the snapshots to save the costume memories forever!

Plus, she also talks about how they share the best of what the holiday has to offer with the neighbors.

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Matt O'Donnell admits he truly enjoys the art of pumpkin carving.

Usually his family will carve several of them - and the designs are never the same.

In his Parenting Blog, he talks about something very special and unexpected that happened on one Halloween night.

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Tamala Edwards says, this year, Halloween reminds her more of the Phillie Phanatic than the great pumpkin. But with a new addition to her household, she expects that will soon change!

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Now, we want you to share your Halloween memories!

You can upload your pictures through our "Ghosts and Goblins" link.

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