Lower Merion burglaries on the rise

November 12, 2009 8:38:48 PM PST
Margaret Krafchik left her home for only an hour around midday on Halloween, but the burglars took a lifetime of possessions.

The thieves stole several valuable Hummel figurines and all of Krafchik's jewelry, including her mother's 100 year old diamond ring.

"It's gone and I'll probably never see it again and it's a shame," Margaret said.

There have been 11 burglaries in the area in the past month, nearly half of them in the wealthy Penn Valley neighborhood.

Lower Merion Police believe the crimes are connected and likely multiple people are involved.

"They've all been daytime incidents at unoccupied homes so we've deployed our forces to deal with that cycle of crimes," Lower Merion Police Superintendent Michael McGrath said.

Krafchik says she now feels like she's living in a jail, always worried if the doors are locked and the home secure.

She just wants whoever is responsible caught and her cherished belongings returned.

"It's terrible to waste their mind on things like this and destroy other's people's live because that's what they're doing," Margaret said.

Police say people need to report any suspicious activity. Police say to try and make your home appear occupied.