Mrs. Fixit: Dryer Lint

November 21, 2009

Unplug your dryer and unscrew the cover to your lint trap so that there is an access hole into the body of the dryer.

Now, use your hand or a long pair of tongs to reach down in there. If you can pull out lint, you could be facing a fire hazard.

The screen to your dryer can only catch so much lint, fine fibers can sneak through and build up in the body of the dryer.

If it seems like you might have a lot of lint in there, secure the leg of a pair of stockings over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner with a rubberband so that the leg is loose and will be able to go up into the vacuum hose.

Now reach down into the hole with the vacuum. The stocking will still allow the vacuum to suck up the lint but you won't clog the hose because the stocking will catch it. Repeat until you don't pick up any more lint.

If you're having trouble squeezing the vacuum hose into tight places, try a baby bottle brush to grab that lint and pull it out.

Screw the cover back into place and you're all set. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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