Sentencing in deadly huffing accident

MEDIA, Pa. – November 30, 2009 She was walking with her friend Christine Bochanski outside Delaware County Memorial Hopsital.

Rachel Jankins admitted in court Monday that she had been huffing and smoking marijuana when she plowed into the two girls. Christine was critically injured, and is now recovering. Her parents told Jankins they forgive her.

But, Nicole's mother Donna says she can't find forgiveness in her heart.

Jankins apoligized to the Gallo family saying, "not a day goes by that I don't think about the pain I caused everyone. Saying sorry would never be enough and I can never forgive myself."

She'll have at least 4 and a half years behind bars to think about it.

Not long enough to suit Nicole's parents.

"The sentence would obviously never be enough the legislators need to make stiffer guidelines," said her father Stephen.

There were tears on both sides of the courtroom. Jankins' family left without comment. The judge says he hopes this sad case is a lesson for everyone who drinks or takes drugs and then gets behind the wheel.

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