Basement marijuana bust in Delco

MORTON, Pa. - December 15, 2009 The alleged farmer may have not been ready to harvest his crop, but then again he wasn't banking on a drug raid.

And what a harvest it was, a large array of marijuana plants of different sizes. Police say they were being grown with very high intensity lights that mimic the sun, and other elaborate equipment in the basement of a row home in the 200 block of West Sylvan in Morton.

"There was one person living in the house and the whole basement was completely transformed into this growing area. All the windows were covered, all the windows were sealed, there was fans and irrigation system," said Sgt. Joe Laspina.

Police say the strong odor of marijuana in the basement was unbelievable, but you couldn't smell it outside because they say he was using all sorts of masking agents to conceal the odor.

The joint investigation by Morton Police and the DELCO DA's Drug Task Force also netted cash and weapons from the home. That something like this could happen in the small borough of Morton, that's only one square mile, nestled between Springfield and Ridley, shocked neighbors.

Jake Chazin who lives next door says the suspect works in construction by day, but he had no idea he was allegedly growing and selling drugs on his time off.

The 51-year-old suspect is expected to be arraigned at a bail hearing Wednesday morning facing a slew of felony charges including manufacturing drugs with intent to deliver.

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