Business overflowing with donated toys

NEW HOPE, Pa. - December 17, 2009

When Bob Gerenser, of Gerenser's Exotic Ice Cream, began collecting for the Toys for Tots program, he never imagined the response. The Marines have already picked up two shipments of presents from his shop on Main Street, and still the toys are stacked almost ceiling to floor.

That's why he's decided to share the wealth.

"Families in need, any charities that have unfulfilled Christmas wish lists... send 'em on by. Come on down!" Gerenser said.

Lambertville's welfare director, Bambi Kuhl, was taking him up on the offer. She and a helper were selecting toys for a list of about a hundred area children connected to various agenices and shelters.

"They don't have anything for Christmas because there's not a lot of money so, when I called there, they were extremely appreciative," Kuhl said.

One mom who was there, who didn't want to be identified, lost her job a year ago. She left with a new bike for her 9 year old daughter who, she says, will be thrilled.

Gerenser and the Marines from Willow Grove will keep working to collect and distribute the thousands of toys collected, a mission they take seriously.

"It's just connecting the dots between the people that want to help with the people that need help," said Staff Sgt. Brian McKnight of Toys for Tots.

The goal here is to have all of these toys gone and under the Christmas trees of needy children, and everyone here is committed to doing that.

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