Baby's first holiday is important for YOU!

December 23, 2009

So, I was all ears around Thanksgiving when my sister suggested we take a break from Christmas this year. She said the year she had her first son, they enjoyed the decorated trees and shining lights on display around the neighborhood and at friends homes, but let go of doing anything themselves.

Sounded like a plan.

Thankfully, my husband quickly vetoed that idea. He came home with a tree, pulled out his favorite ornaments he had collected over the years and made plans to bake (in fairness, he is a pastry chef).

I decided against seeing Santa because of fears of swine flu, but my husband surprised me with a "Fast Pass" and appointment with Santa at King of Prussia Mall. The end result: a gorgeous picture of our little guy laughing in Santa's lap that I know I'll treasure forever.

Even though we are already in the midst of the holiday crush, there are still lots of ways to make this holiday sweet rather than stressful. has a great list worth checking out.

I personally intend to try the yearly photo. I also think the idea of a quilt made out of items from baby's first year is precious.

Have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday!

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