Pet thefts on the rise

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. - December 23, 2009


Whatever the reason, Chris Hennessy is upset about it. She owns Steffens Pet Shop in Port Richmond and a $600 Lhaso Apso pup was stolen from her last Wednesday

The American Kennel Club says there has been a marked increase in the number of pet thefts from last year. They're taken from pet stores or right off the streets.

The AKC says it's tracking about 135 cases this year up from 71 last year just 10 in 2007.

Chris Hennessy believes the economy could have something to do with the increase in thefts.

Hennessy requires a photo id be presented before a puppy is handled by potential buyers something recommended by the American Kennel Club.

Still despite the effort last week a puppy was stolen in a blink. She says agrees it's a real problem. She just hopes if the stolen pups aren't recovered they'll at least end up in nice homes

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