Parenting Perspective: Matt's Christmas Observations

December 28, 2009
  • My daughter is not so sure about Santa, but not for the reasons you might think; she couldn't sleep at all on Christmas Eve night because she was afraid of a stranger sneaking into our house through the chimney; I guess this is a good fear to have if you are six.
  • No matter how many gifts the kids get, there is always that look of surprise when you tell them there are no more presents to open.
  • Leaving bits of snow at the base of the fireplace was a nice touch to make sure they continue believing in you-know-who
  • Packing technology for toys has advanced much quicker than my own ability to open the darn things.
  • Getting gifts from your wife and kids is great, but didn't I pay for them anyway?
  • Actually, the best presents are the ones that are unexpected and thoughtful - like that sleep mask I got one time (very useful for going to bed at 6:30pm), and a tiny screwdriver set that is perfect for small home repairs.
  • Wrapping presents is kind of like making your bed - sure, it looks nice for a while, but someone's bound to mess it all up and soon, so isn't it a waste of time?
  • Sitting at the couch for extended periods of time on this day is not only accepted, it is encouraged.
  • Eating and drinking for extended periods of time on this day - not only accepted, but encouraged.
  • He would still shoot his eye out with that Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle.
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