Investigators return to "animal sacrifice" house

FELTONVILLE - December 30, 2009

They're trying to unearth more animal remains, the victims of rituals allegedly performed by the homeowner.

The focus of the search on Wednesday was the back yard of the house in the 4800 block of North Front Street.

Neighbors are still horrified at what officers from the PSPCA continue to find there.

On the front porch a bucket overflowing with feathers could be seen, and Chopper 6 HD captured images of what seems to be symbols on the roof.

But it was in the rear of the home, which appears to have been built especially for these rituals, where officers focused their search on Wednesday.

"It's an enclosed space where they were sacrificed. I don't know how they were killed but they were buried there," said George Bengal of the PSPCA.

Forensic veterinarians still have to identify remains, but authorities believe deer, beavers, and groundhogs are among the bones found. Turtles were uncovered, which appear to have been starved to death, along with the pelts of endangered animals which could have been illegally obtained.

What exact charges, and how many are filed, depends on what they continue to find.

Authorities are searching for three suspects, two women and one man. That man, identified by neighbors as Ramon Cruz, is said to be out of the country.

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