Get $10 coupon for donating to Salvation Army

May 12, 2010 6:57:19 AM PDT
The Salvation Army The charity has teamed up with P-V-H, the owners of the Bass, Van Heusen, and Izod stores, to offer people who donate clothes to Salvation Army $10 coupons they can use at the retail and outlet stores.

"You bring a donation of clothing into the Salvation Army to help us with our program of recovery," explains Salvation Army Major John Cranford. "And then we have coupons that we give to the donors to be used in the Izod and Van Heusen stores."

"We'll accept any amount of clothing that will help us with our program of recovery." The coupons are good through the end of May. And the goal of the program is to create additional inventory for the Salvation Army Family stores.

The stores take in thousands of clothing items, pieces of furniture and bric-a-brac every day.

Every piece is sorted, inspected and priced before it goes out on the sales floor.

And although the store prices are low, the stores sell enough inventory to support the operation of the charity's 133-bed recovery center.

"This just shows you where the Salvation Army is heading," Cranford says. "We're going away from the old junk stores, from the thrift stores and now this is our new look. And when you come and shop the Salvation Army store, you're helping the program, helping men and women get their lives back together."

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