Alpaca fiber heading to Gulf to aid oil cleanup

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May 13, 2010 4:27:21 AM PDT
Hair from more than 100 central Pennsylvania alpacas is on its way to the Gulf of Mexico to soak up oil that's being released by a leaking well.

The owners of the Eastland Alpaca Farm say they're sending about 200 pounds of waste fibers to a warehouse in Florida where it'll be used in booms to surround and soak up spilled oil.

Sue and Kevin Zurin are donating the fibers to Matter of Trust, a San Francisco environmental charity. The alpaca hair and other natural materials including human hair, wool and feathers are stuffed into nylon stockings and used to make the floating booms.

The Zurins sheared 100 of their own alpacas at their Mount Joy farm on Monday and about three dozen more on Tuesday.