Mrs. Fixit: Wet/Dry Vacuum

July 11, 2010 8:36:10 AM PDT
Dry messes, wet messes, workshops, garages, patios, basements - you name it. Your wet/dry vac can likely help clean it! I have a few tips to keep that hardworking helper in tip, top shape!

Pay attention to your filter. You may think that all filters are the same but there are different filters for wet and dry jobs as well as different grades.

For example you wouldn't use the same filter for everyday use as you would if you need to pick up fine dust particles from cutting and sanding jobs.

Make sure that you clean the collection bucket often.

To make your filter last longer, take it out of the vacuum and lay it on a tarp. Pull on safety glasses and a dust mask and then use an ordinary air compressor to blast the dust and debris out of the filter.

No air compressor? Try your leaf blower, just make sure that you secure the filter in place so you don't just send it flying!

Easy ways to make your wet/dry vac work harder for you! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!