Use your credit card and save

July 25, 2010 8:02:54 PM PDT
We often warn you about how credit cards can cost you money; mainly, if you accrue interest by failing to pay off your balance in full every month, but this time, we want to show you how your credit card might be able to save you money by giving you access to all kinds of perks and discounts.

The next time you go to buy tickets for a movie, concert or sporting event, look to see if one of your credit cards has the Visa Signature logo.

If it does, you can get a free ticket to see the new movie "Salt" starring Angelina Jolie. Visa Signature has a buy one ticket, get the second one free deal while supplies last.

You can also get 20-percent off every $25 in movie tickets.

Plus, 10-percent off concert tickets and tons of travel deals including a third night free at the Aruba Marriott resort.

If you have a MasterCard, check out MasterCard Marketplace.

Along with regular perks and discounts, you'll also see Overwhelming Offers.

They're deep discounts of half off or more, available in limited quantity every day online.

Previous deals include $75 off a $150 rental car deal and half off a $100 spa certificate.

Target shoppers, here's something you can look forward to.

This fall, customers using Target-branded credit cards will a get 5% discount on every purchase every day.

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