New Jersey celebrates farmers markets

August 2, 2010

It's a busy scene at the Capital City Farmer's market where each Thursday hundreds of people flock to the farm stands on State Street to scoop up the latest Jersey fresh fruits and vegetables.

"You are in the peak of the season right now," Douglas Fisher/N.J. Agriculture Secretary told Action News, "just about everything is coming on from watermelons to tomatoes to peaches."

Judy Kley of Hamilton Twp., N.J. said: "Jersey's got the best produce."

"I like to support local products and it's good," said Lawrence Fox Freehold of New Jersey. "I mean the corn is sweet, the tomatoes are sweet."

There are 143 farmers markets in New Jersey. Farmers from all over the state sell their goods directly to consumers.

"They know where it's coming from, they get to know their farmer," said farmer George Asprocolas. "They know what food they're eating. They can ask me about anything I grow here and I can give them an answer, a recipe, whatever."

You know who's really popular? The pickle man! He takes small cucumbers raised in Jersey and turns them into something completely different!

"The sour picles are wonderful!" said Marilyn Aroll/Marlboro, New Jersey. "What makes them so? You have to ask him."

We did, but he's not telling!

At Trinity Episcopal Cathedral they take Jersey Fresh a step further. Farmer Judy Deficcio of Hammonton sells her produce at the market outside while inside retired dietician Charles McIntire demonstrates to walk-ins how to cook healthy meals with what's in season.

Clara Gregory of the Trinity Cathedral Outreach said, "They're really excited about learning to eat some of the Jersey fruits and vegetables they've never tried before."

Agriculture officials are challenging people to make a complete meal using only Jersey fresh products, and from the bounty available right now that shouldn't be a problem... even the flowers on the dinner table.

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