Police searching for alleged "crime family"

August 3, 2010 Surveillance video shows a young girl, about 12-years-old, crawling on the ground. She opens a cabinet behind the front desk and snatches a purse. She then hurries to her seat and stuffs the loot into her own bag. A few seconds later she and her accomplices leave.

"It's apparent in watching the video, that there was some planned, perhaps even some practice in utilizing their children to commit this criminal act," said Captain Lawrence Nodiff.

And here's why. The crime begins around 1:00 p.m. when a man walks into the VWC Nail Salon. He sits down and appears to be scoping out the place. He allegedly tells the employees his wife is coming in to get her nails done and he'll be waiting with his children. Seconds later, 2 women, a toddler, and the young girl walk in. The girl sits down and waits. They look around. Then the man gives a hand signal and the girl makes her move.

"Almost as if telling the kid, the coast is clear do it now."

Police suspect this isn't the first time this group has done this. Anyone with information about these criminals is urged to call south detectives.

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