Kids stranded on "island" to finally get school bus

TRENTON, N.J. - September 20, 2010

But, after making Action News aware of the problem, we've learned the wait is over.

People were concerned because they did not have a school bus picking up kids in a section of the city known as "The Island" by the Delaware River.

As a result, children had to walk a path that parents believe is just too risky.

"They haven't provided a bus for us, so either I have to walk him or catch a ride," said grandmother Dana Jackson.

Dana has been walking her 5-year-old grandson Carlton to and from Joyce Kilmer Elementary since the beginning of the school year.

For reasons that were not explained to the family, school bus service was cut off.

"This is not a new procedure. They've been picking the kids up from The Island ever since there've been kids on The Island. So I don't know why it's a problem," Dana said.

She says she has contacted the school, the district transportation office and the superintendent's office to find out why bus service for children from the island has been terminated.

Dana wasn't able to get any answers.

However, on Monday afternoon, Superintendent Rodney Lofton responded to repeated calls for comment from Action News.

He said the problem is not a budget issue, but a staffing issue - they didn't have a driver for the route. However, he said officials were contacting parents to say there would be a bus on Tuesday morning and they hope to have a full-time driver by Wednesday.

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