Germantown prepares for Obama's visit

PHILADELPHIA - October 9, 2010

Organizers are setting up for big crowds of Obama supporters, as the Germantown community prepares for a visit from the President on Sunday.

The event is free and open to the public and neighbors, and with so many people expected, preparations are in high gear at the Germantown park next to Robert Fulton Elementary.

Many people have expressed that they are not passing up this opportunity to see their Commander-in-Chief in person.

"I am going to be here tomorrow. My whole family's going to be here tomorrow," said Germantown resident, Shayantae Taylor.

The podium is up, the barricades are out, the sound system being tested for when the president and vice president arrive.

Many volunteers are sharing their time for what they believe is a vital cause.

"I believe because we are slowly making change in this election, we can continue forward, and we can continue with Democrats and allies in Congress," said Temple student, Elliot Griffin.

This is part of a series of rallies planned in battleground states ahead of the midterm elections, where polls show Democrats fighting to keep control of Congress. In PA, polls show Democrats trailing in the gubernatorial and senate races behind Republican candidates.

Still, for some neighbors, the President's visit is less about energizing the Democratic Party and more about reinvigorating the neighborhood.

"There's a whole lot of wrong doings going on around here. And honestly, I believe that will help bring everybody's spirits back up," said Brian Reaves.

The rally is set to begin at 4:00pm on Sunday, and will include a performance from the band The Roots. Gates open at 3:00pm.

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