Murphy vs. Fitzpatrick in rematch for seat in Congress

October 11, 2010

While it's been a heated battle so far, these two certainly do agree on what their top priority would be during the next session of Congress - jobs.

However, they couldn't disagree more about how exactly to create those jobs.

"The way we do that is cut taxes, cut government spending, repeal the health care bill and put confidence back in the American people," said Fitzpatrick.

"For him complain about unemployment, after he supported the Bush-Fitzpatrick policies which outsourced jobs, that's like an arsonist complaining about firefighter response time," said Murphy.

Fitzpatrick swings back by mentioning that the unemployment rate was under 5% when he left office in January of 2007, but the current jobless rate has now hovered above 9½ % for 14 straight months.

The former Congressman says that's linked in many ways to the health care overhaul, which Murphy voted for.

"The mandates in that healthcare bill are increasing costs on small businesses every single day. Their rates are going up and that is doing more to dissuade a small businessperson from creating a job than anything else," Fitzpatrick said.

"My opponent, who didn't do anything when he was in Congress in the past, wants to repeal the fact that insurance companies can go back to discriminating against women and other Americans just because they have a pre-existing condition," said Murphy.

The irony here is that 4 years ago, when Fitzpatrick lost to Murphy, many considered that referendum on President Bush. This time, if Fitzpatrick gets that seat back, many will consider that a referendum on President Obama.

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